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Dealer Enquires Welcome

Feedtech Feeding Systems are broken up into two Divisions. 1/ Dairy Division & 2/ Auto Feeders Division.
Our Dairy Division has Dealers around Australia and New Zealand and can be seen on the Map and Contact list below.
For any Dealer Enquires please contact David Collier on dc@treveng.com.au or call on 03 5824 1466.

Feedtech Auto Feeders & Associated Products

When setting up our Auto Feeder Division Feedtech, Feeding Systems made the decision to sell direct to the Farmers around Australia. However this has not stopped up from creating relationships with Agricultural Companies around Australia who do promote and sell our products.
The decision to sell direct to the Farmers was to keep our pricing down and have the opportunity to speak to the Farmer and really understand their needs and look at R&D Opportunities.
We are always on the lookout for further opportunities to sell our great products. If you feel your company is a fit for Feedtech Feeding Systems drop an email to David Collier at dc@treveng.com.au

Auto Feeder Sales
Office: 03 5824 1466
David Collier: 0437 225016

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Auto Feeder Tech Support
Office: 03 58241 466
Rick Harris: 0413 151 383

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