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Oil Pump

Sheep and dog

Keep dust out of the dairy!

Had enough of dust in the dairy?

Introducing a reliable easy to use Variable speed Oil Metering Pump. The pump is self priming and has an easy to use dial to set the desired amount of liquid required at any given time.

No overdosing or wastage!

Augers image

Standard Features Includes:

Pump complete with motor
- Lead attached ready for 240 volt
- Stand & Cover Galvanised
- Suction Fittings & Tube
- Delivery Fittings & Tube
- Clamp to suit Pencil Auger

Sheep and dog

Minimum flow rate 10 litres/ hour
Maximum flow rate 50 litres / hour
Motor specs: 240v ac
Motor rated IP55
(Dust & Water)

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