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Auto Cattle Feeders

Auto Cattle Feeders

Feedtech Auto Cattle Feeders have been designed, engineered and built by Feedtech Feeding Systems EST1995.

Feedtech Auto Cattle Feeders come in two different power sources. Either 240volt or 24volt DC Solar Option.
Available in different trough lengths from 3mt to 57mt.

The Feedtech controller gives you the ability to do automatic or manual feeding using the digital 24H timer.

Features -
Our standard solar options are 390w Solar Panel and 2x 120Ah Batteries. On our larger units we upgrade the package to 2x 390w Solar Panels and 2x 230Ah Batteries. The solar units are also fitted with a Victron Smart Controller, this give you the ability to Bluetooth into your unit for Solar & Battery status.

240V units run a 0.75kw Single phase motor (up to 30mt Units)
240V units run a 1.1kw Single phase motor (from 33mt to 57mt Units)

Other Features are -
- Solid Galvanized construction
- Troughs sold in 3mt increments
- The ability to pen off either side using 3 rows of cattle rail.
- Deep Gal troughs
- 1.8mt High
- 2.4mt wide roof
- Solid lockable cabinet
- Easy on farm install

9mt 240V Unit $11,320 Plus GST ($12,452 Inc GST)
9m Solar Unit $14,820 Plus GST ($16,302 Inc GST)
15mt 240V Unit $14,485 Plus GST ($15,934 Inc GST)
15mt Solar Unit from $17,985 plus GST ($19,784 Inc GST)
18mt 240V Unit from $16,235 Plus GST ($17,585 inc GST)
18mt Solar Unit from $19,735 Plus GST ($21,709 Inc GST)
21mt 240V Unit from $15,000 plus GST ($16,500 Inc GST)
21mt Solar Unit from $18,500 plus GST ($20,350 Inc GST)
30mt 240V Unit from $19,500 Plus GST ($21,450 Inc GST)
30mt Solar Unit from $23,000 plus GST ($25,300 Inc GST)

** Other size options available
** excludes silo attachments & extra centreless auger / PVC & roofing iron.

Call David Collier on 0437 225016 for further Information or email

Option Available - Feedtech Data Centre App
Feedtech Data Centre App for remote access on your phone to see live feed data - runs times, grams / kilo's fed out, current status and alerts.
Desktop dashboard available for printable reports.

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