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Mobile Auto Feeders

Feedtech Mobile Auto Feeders

Two different models available:

Mobile Auto Feeder with 3.5m3 Hopper
Mobile Trough Auto Feeder.

Feedtech Feeding Systems have been designing, engineering and building Feed Systems for over 27 years.

Our mobile auto feeders are the strongest and robust mobile feeders on the market.

Both models come in a 6mt And 12mt trough length.
and are powered by our 24Volt DC Solar Option
which includes 1x 390w Solar panel and 2x 120aH Batteries.
Units have lockable cabinets which house our Feedtech Controllers. Our controllers give you the benefit of being able to set up to 24 programs via our 24hour Digital timer for controlled feeding or adlib feeding.


Without Hopper
6m Mobile Trough Auto Feeder $14,110 plus GST ($15,521 Inc GST)

12mt Mobile Trough Auto Feeder $16,464 plus GST ($18,111 Inc GST)

With Hopper
6mt Mobile Auto Feeder with Hopper $16,464 plus GST ($18,111 Inc GST)

12mt Mobile Auto Feeder with Hopper $18,000 plus GST ($19,800 Inc GST)

*** Can be fitted our Feedtech Data Centre App Option & Feed Control System.

Call David Collier on 0437 225016 for further Information or email sales@treveng.com.au

Mobile Trough Auto Feeder

Available with 6mt Trough or 12mt Trough lengths.
Fully Automatic feeding in the paddock.
Powered by 24volt DC Solar Option with 390w Solar panel and 2x 120Ah Batteries.
Automatic feeding with 24 hour digital timer for Auto or Adib feeding.
Lowline roof.
1.4mt wide roof.
Adjustable PVC heights.
Lockable galvanized cabinet.
Wires along the length of the trough to prevent sheep jumping over the trough.

Tow feeder into the paddock and set up then bring in a field bin behind and quick attached it. Set up in 20mins.

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