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Batching Hopper Systems

Feedtech Batching Hopper Systems

Fully automated batching system pulling from multiple silo's and additive hopper into a batching hopper. fitted with hi & low sensors for auto stop & start.

Features of a Feedtech Batching Hopper System:

Pulling Feed From multiple Silo’s & Additive hopper Into The Same Feed Head/S And Dropping Straight Down Creating A Better Mix

Having The Ability To Fit Different Drive Boots At The Bottom Of The Batching Hopper To Have Feed Pulled To Multiple Auto Feeders Or Attach A Pencil Auger

Having  Controller, Motor / Gearboxes & Variable Speed Drives All On The Batching Hopper For Ease Of Altering Rations

Ability To stack Single Or Dual Drive Heads On The Batching Hopper
Hi - Low Sensors On Batching Hopper For Auto Filling – Stop/Start.

Custom Designs Available

Designed, Engineered & Built By Feedtech Feeding Systems EST. 1995

Price Varies Depending On Distances From Silo’s And How Many Silo’s You Are Pulling.

Includes -
Batching Hopper
1T Additive Hopper
Silo Attachments
Calibration Chutes
Hi-Low Sensors On Batching System
Variable Speed Drives
Drive Heads With Motor And Gearboxes
Centreless Auger And Grade 12 PVC

Batching Hopper Can Have A Boot At The Bottom Or Be Fitted With A Pencil Auger

An Estimate Price Is Approx. $23k To $28k Plus GST.

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