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Data centre app

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Data Centre App

This App you can have on multiple smart phones.

- Feed Output Data– Last Feed, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly Total (Can be adjusted to suit individual requirements).

- Ability to have multiple units displayed on the Mobile App or on Desktop computer Dashboard to print reports.

- Alert for overrun of unit.

- Alert for when unit does not come on.

- Remote Stop via App for emergency stop.

- Can have multiple units on the App and Desktop Dashboard

- 240V with Mobile Network $1,500 ex GST

- 24V DC with Mobile Network $1,500 ex GST

- 240V with WIFI Network $1,050 ex GST

- 24V DC with WIFI Network $1,050 ex GST

Annual Subscription – Prepaid
1 Unit $200.00 Ext GST
2 – 5 Units $180.00 Ext GST
6 – 10 Units $165.00 Ext GST
11 Units + Plus $155.00 Ex GST

Annual Data Card - Prepaid
Usage per year $300 EX GST per year

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