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Revolutionary New ATV Horse Feeder

Visit the dedicated webpage www.feedtechhorsefeeders.com

Working in conjunction with Toby Liston from Three bridges thoroughbreds Feedtech have Design, Engineered & Manufactured a revolutionary new ATV horse Feeder.

Brief of the project - Precise feed amount being delivered, horse safety, ease of operation and labour saving.

This unit will deliver the precise amount of feed by the push of a button. Preset catagories and amounts fed out. There are 2x 200lt Hoppers that auger feed to a discharge Hopper. Instant discharge.

Save hundreds, if not thousands of hours in labour savings. No wastage, precise amounts fed out, no manual lifting.

For more information call David from Feedtech on 0437 225016 or email dc@treveng.com.au

Ease of operation in Mind

The PLC display screen will be mounted in the cabin. All the controls are at your finger tips. Preset categories with feed out amounts i.e weanlings, yearlings, stallions, mares. Hear and see alerts for low hopper amounts. Feed from both Hoppers or you can choose an individual hopper.

Features Include:
Unit will fit on the back of a side-by-side vehicle with 2x 200lt Hoppers. Easy filling with a Slide and Tilt Lid.

Powered by 2x 12volt heavy duty motors with Italian gearboxes and 1x 120AH batteries. Comes with battery charger.

Feed amounts are controlled by the Feedtech PLC Controller with the Display mounted in the cabin.

PLC Controller is in a powder coated metal control box which is both strong and waterproof.

Each hopper is calibrated to discharge grams or kg’s required.

No need to leave the seat of your side-by-side vehicle savings hours of labour costs.  

- AustralianMade / Feedtech Feeding Systems EST 1995         
- Solid& Robust Design         
- In cabin PLC control   
- 2x200lt Hoppers        
- Easy Filling with slide and tilt roof          
- Preset categories and feed out amounts. Single button operation.        
- 2xHeavy Duty 12V Motors and Italian gearboxes
- 1x120Ah Batteries
- Comes with battery charger or can be wired into the charging system of your vehicle

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