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Lead Feed trailer

Sheep and dog

Feedtech Lead Feed Trailer 4" Auger with 450kg (0.6m3) Hopper
12v Motor & Gearbox, 120Ah H/D Battery and now fitted with 40W Solar panel & Charger.

4" Auger
Heavy duty 12volt motor & gearbox
Fitted with 40w Solar Panel & Charger
Solar panel on stand for trickle charging
Sight glass in hopper
Simple opening with slide and tilt lid
Fully welded frame

Built tough with solid and robust design
Heavy duty ATV tyres and axle
Bolted galvanised hopper
50mm tow Hitch
Fold up jockey wheel

Fitted with 120aH 12volt battery in heavy duty battery box
All wiring enclosed in sealed electrical housing with relay and circuit breaker. Also comes with Solar panel for trickle charging.
Bluetooth remote on/off with keyfob
Flowrate : 10.5kg per 10 secs / 63.5kg per Min

SPECIAL $9,000 Plus GST ($9,900 Inc GST)

WAS $10,800 Plus GST ($11,880 Inc GST)

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