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Feed Control System - Induction & Feed Control
Feed Control System that allows you to induct Lambs on our longest 57mt Units. Can also be fitted to all sizes.

How it works -

17 seconds before your Auto Feeder is about to start up a Flap system closes over the trough system.

Once this happens the unit starts to put feed into the trough system. While this is happen your lambs are already coming up to the trough system and waiting for the flaps to raise once the system has stopped the auger.

When stopped the Flaps all raise at once and your lambs have the opportunity to eat the same amount of feed.

A very simple system that works very well.

In the control cabinet you have the option to have the controller on Auto / Manual / Off.

Once the induction is completed and you wish to adlib or programed feeds multiple times through the day you have the ability to set the flaps in the raised position.

Feed Control System - Pricing
Static Units
- 24 Volt Controller, Actuator & first 3mt Section $2,600 Plus GST

- 240 Volt Controller, Actuator & first 3mt Section $3,100 Plus GST

- FCS Flaps 1 Set per 3mt Section $300.00 Plus GST

12mt Mobile Auto Feeder with Hopper
- Feed Control System $4000.00 Plus GST

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